International Business

KG Group works on exclusive import and master distribution of famous brands in many countries,including the South Korea, France, Germany, and Japan, and has a diverse and competitive brand portfolio.We are constantly striving and promptly implementing concepts, sales and channel strategies, marketing, andpromotions that are suitable for the domestic market for each overseas brand, and our partners' brands are playinga leading role in developing their position and value in the domestic market.



Local Brands Business

We operate various offline/online channels for more than 100 domestic brands.We provide professional marketing consulting and agency services for stable product salesand channel operation of our customers, and we perform efficient inventory managementand delivery/return as a laison to customers and channels based on a systematic logistics infrastructure.


Product Development

We provide development and supply management for retail specific private/exclusive brands.Through this, we contribute to differentiate each channel and enhance competitiveness,while strengthening the network and ties with the channels that we work with


PB Product Development

We develop and supply products proposed by channels through collaboration with domestic and foreign manufacturers. From the planning stage, we provide unique services such as development, quality control, customs clearance, etc. that can be provided only by those with diverse range of expertise


EB Product Development

We develop customized brands through collaboration with channels in a creative way, also. We create added value by understanding the channel's strategy and targets and supplying products that meet their needs, guiding retailers with our market knowledge and expertise.


IP Product Collaboration

We develop products that meet our target audience in collaboration with global IP companies. We create issues and provide fresh enjoyment to consumers to promote sales and increase brand value by adding globally recognized, and worldwide respected Ips such as Disney, Spongebob, Moomin, Peko, etc.

Overseas Export Business

Baesd on our know-how and overseas network that we established through our extensive domestic sales channels,we export a number of domestic brands to leading international offline/online channels.We provide total solution for export, from transportation tothe country/channel to product registration/local distribution/channel management/marketing.


We are exclusive importers of famous brands from 15+ countries,including the Soutn Korea, France, Germany, and Japan,which establish a brand portfolio that covers a wide range of categories and age groups.