KG GROUP has partnered with leading offline distributors in USA to supply various brandsand products and have access to over 1000 POS - H&B, drug store, pharmacy, hypermarket, supermarket, department store,duty-free shop, convenience store, home shopping, etc. Equipped with information toquickly respond to rapidly changing market trends through a close network with each channel,we can identify customized needs for each consumer group or distribution channel,such as age/income level, and present solutions to them.

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Home Shopping

We operate mainstream home shopping platforms,Based on the logistics/delivery infrastructure, we are expanding direct communication and transaction (D2C),through content development and marketing that can appeal to the markets.


In line with the trend that the influence of influencers on consumers' perceptions and purchases is increasing,we are conducting various collaborations with influencers. Based on our broad brand/product portfolio,we are dynamically growing our new media channel sales base by building and managing our own influencer network

Online Platforms

KG Group covers the majority of domestic online platforms such as social media,open markets, general malls, and beauty malls.

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KG seeks strategic market stability and growth with extensive experience and partners. We will always strive to become the best partner.